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Tom Hardy is famous for giving it his everything — for diving in profound, actually and inwardly, for each job he possesses. Regardless of whether it’s building up to play Bane in “The Dark Knight Rises,” being lashed to the front of a truck for “Distraught Max: Fury Road,” rambling unintelligible discourse as British criminal twins in “Legend” or spending the sum of a shoot alone in a vehicle for “Locke,” Hardy never half-asses it. It’s been said often previously, however it’s actual: He’s our age’s Brando.

So obviously, Hardy applies that equivalent power to the comic-book screw-up history, “Toxin.” And his completely dedicated exhibition is basically the lone motivation to see it.!hs8PYDJV:bigg-boss-15-watch-online-live-all-episodes-full-hd-download-voot

This is an amazingly minor section in the Marvel universe (in spite of the fact that it’s not actually a piece of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, for those of you who care about these things), an apparently wonky songbird that is really more grounded when it’s sillier. It’s a wreck, yet a pleasant wreck — in any event for some time.

Consider this a strongly rough form of “Every last bit of Me,” the 1984 parody where Lily Tomlin’s spirit winds up in Steve Martin’s body. As around there, the most amazing aspects of chief Ruben Fleischer’s lopsided spectacle happen when Hardy’s character, analytical columnist Eddie Brock, battles to hold control of his body, even as an extraordinary life power as a threatening dark mass is acquiring strength inside and quarreling with him.